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I Sent A Letter To My Love
Here are some fan's comments about
Kevin's performance as Jimmy in "I Sent A Letter To My Love"

Contributed By

Review Date
Sept 12, 2002


The show begins with Amy, played brillantly by Cass Morgan, singing of how she longs to fly away. Then "he" enters looking absoultely dashing in his ice-cream suit, he sings a few lines, and dances with her. It's established that he's a fantasy... and a cad.

Throughout the show, he appears as someone for her to talk to, laugh with, and, of course, dance with.

Finally in act 2, he sings "Perfect Timing", his solo ballad. He sounds absolutley gorgeous. It's easy to see why she fell for him. He's so smooth, sexy, and utterly charming, with just enough bad-boy in him to make every females' heart patter. After his song, we find out he and Amy had a brief fling when she was seventeen. Then he got another gig in another town, and another girl.

As much as we, the audience, should hate him, I find it impossible. Finally, Amy accepts that she has to move-on, and gives up her fantasy life. So Jimmy leaves, and we don't see him again until curtain call .

Once again, Kevin was cast in a production which required the audience to dig for deeper meaning. Kevin's portrayal of Jimmy, the memory that Amy calls back at will, kept me intrigued. As Amy struggled to deal with her present, she remembered beautiful but short-lived times with her handsome bandsinger.

Kevin's big number, "Perfect Timing," was quite simply--perfect. For those who may not have heard Kevin sing, I was a little worried that this song may be out of his range. Kevin was able to take it and work with it and it was truly fabulous--a melodic symphony for the ears. It truly was my favorite song in the production, although I must say Diana Canova and David Garrison's performance on "The Day I Meet My Friend" was fabulous as well.


Contributed By Pat (gigglets)

Review Date
Sept 25, 2002

Thanks Pat!!

Review By Sheri

Review Date
Sept 25, 2002


There seems to be a growing trend of Kevin playing the callous, womanizing male character... the one all the women sigh over, loose their hearts to, but eventually find themselves being heartbroken over. For some reason, as callous and as fleeting as all of his characters usually are written, there is always something rather sincere in Kevin's portrayals, something that usually allows him to push past the stereo-typical bad-boy to something a little deeper.

His Jimmy was a "thoroughly bad character...", but I think it's a credit to Kevin's acting abilities that he was able to give the part just the right amount of sincerity, which made it impossible for us to hate him. This sincerity - that I've seen him bring to virtually every role he's played, is something so intangible that it's hard to pin point exact moments in the show that we find ourselves liking the characters he portrays. Probably the best example in this show is the moment he begins to dance with Amy - his mannerisms, the little tilt of his head toward hers makes the audience believe that he truly has an affection for her.

His "Perfect Timing" was outstanding! A little higher than I'm used to hearing him sing, yet his voice was glorious nonetheless. And although I loved this solo of his, the part in the show that, to me, was the highlight of his singing was the last notes of the trio singing "A Chance of You"... Kevin's magnificent baritone could clearly be heard above the others and it was the moment I waited for in each performance.

I loved the opportunity to see this new musical and to see Kevin once again in a wonderful performance. Perhaps the thing that pleased me the most was seeing Kevin get the opportunity to perform to a whole new audience and hear them talk about him as I exited the theatre. :o)

On Labor Day, I settled into my seat at the first dress rehearsal for "I Sent a Letter to My Love", notepad in hand to note entrances and exits for this theatre-in-the-round. I was unaware of the treat I was about to experience. The cast of 5 performers were exceptionally talented, but Kevin Earley's vocal solo of "Perfect Timing" was what stood out the most that first time. His conservatory training was apparent, as he effortlessly delivered the solo which took him up into falsetto. Dressed in a cream-colored suit with red hankie in the breast pocket, Kevin embodied the smooth-talking band singer, then 17 year-old Amy's lover, now her perfect fantasy man. When we got home we did a web search for Kevin, and found this great website.

I can still hear Kevin's delightful baritone chuckle and "Come here, Sweet Thing". Lucky me got to hear the show about 9 times as I worked, though I sat through it only twice. It was a pleasure to have Kevin at NSMT, and I plan to keep that promise to join the other members of this forum at his Broadway premiere, which I expect to be soon!


Contributed By
Susan (Susabela)

Review Date
Sept 27, 2002

Thanks Susan!!

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