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Les Misérables
Here are some fan's comments about
Kevin's performance as Enjolras in "Les Misérables"

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Phyllis (lowly)

College Station,



Originally posted on Chad Brannon's Official Message Board on 9/27/01
Printed here with her permission
Date of performance: March 1999

I saw Les Mis for the first time a few years ago. I went in cold, knowing nothing about the play, story or songs. Well, needless to say, Kevin Earley's voice and stage presence blew me away and I've been in love with Enjolras ever since. Waving that flag singing "Red and Black"...and OMG, when they turned the barricade around, and there he was...I was so unprepared for that.

Review originally posted on her wonderful Summer of Les Mis Page ,
printed here with her permission.

Kevin... is... brilliant. Do I need to write more? He was perfect. From blond hair to young-ish looks, he was picture perfect as bookish Enjolras. And combined with his great voice and awesome acting.. well... he was brilliant. Too often it seems the actors who play Enjolras give him this ultra-macho spin, since he's the leader and evidently isn't afraid to die. But Hugo describes him more passionately, as someone more angelic.

Other actors I've seen appear to merely go through the motions of what Enjolras would do, what he might look like, how he might react, and concentrate on the vocal parts only. Kevin's Enjolras was solid. Every second onstage he was Enjolras, even when not part of the focused action. His two big silent parts for me where during Drink With Me and Gavroche's death. During the former, his interaction with Grantaire was the best I've seen.

It's always an interesting thing to watch for, since every actor seems to find something different, but I really liked what Kevin did with it. Following Grantaire's lines, he thinks second, then angrily grabs Grantaire's shirt. There's a moment where both of them are unsure of what will happen next, then Kevin ever-so-slowly releases him, thinks for another second, then offers his hand, which Grantaire accepts. I like this much better than other interpretations where Grantaire is sullen and ignores Enjolras, or the other way around. Kevin's interpretation is reminiscent of the book deaths of Enjolras and Grantaire, and showed both Enjolras' frustration with and acceptance of Grantaire.

After Gavroche's death, Kevin was again perfectly in character. His face when the barricade turned back to the students was haunting. He looked shocked, horrified, and nauseous all at once. It was brilliant. Have I rambled enough about Kevin yet? I'll stop. But he was perfect.





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Show Date
(July 3, 1999)

Washington, DC

Thanks Heather!


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Thanks, Brad!


Originally posted on the "Les Misérables" 3NT Message Board" , reprinted here with his permission.

"... The first shot from the sniper's gun clips a student who's wearing a bright vest. It's obvious the sniper thought this was Enjolras and took him down. When the true Enjolras rushes down to check on the fallen student, the sniper realizes his mistake and takes a second shot, which just misses Enj. When Kevin Earley played the role, he gave a flash of being just a frightened young man here before returning to the confident leader persona. This brush with death sets up the pensive moments in "Drink With Me" and the Grantaire-Enjolras interaction. Some Enjs retain their composure and persecute Grantaire. Some collapse completely and look to Grantaire for forgiveness. Earley looked sweaty, world-weary, and unsure, but when he realized Grantaire was singing "will your death" etc. to him, he became angry and scooped him up by his collar. Then he caught himself, gave Grantaire two pats on the shoulder, and headed back to the barricade wiping his sweaty brow."

Originally posted on "The Les Misérables 3NT Message Board" for use on this site.

To me, he is the ideal Enjolras. Wonderful, very powerful voice, superb stage presence, and closer to Hugo's character in appearance than any other Enjolras I've ever seen. Definitely my favorite!

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Thanks Tim!!
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Thanks Joy!!


Kevin Earley...What can anyone really say about the guy?

Awesome...Handsome...Wonderful...Perfect...Talented...Amazing... I really don't think there is a word which can describe my impression of Kevin Earley as Enjolras in Les Miserables. He was my first Enjolras when I saw the show for the first time in Los Angeles in 1999. I came away from seeing that show mezmorized by his performance and the Valjean (Ivan Rutherford). His voice seemed to float over those notes with such depth and warmth and beauty and his acting was phenominal! He will always be my favorite Enjolras!

Originally posted on "The Les Misérables 3NT Message Board " for use on this site.

He was the first Enjolras I saw, and sadly, I only saw him once, but he was by far the best. (Nothing against Tewks or anyone, but Kevin is hard to beat.) He had (as I remember) one of the best voices, and he did have amazing stage presence.

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Thanks JJ!!
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Thanks, Natalie!
I did have the distinct pleasure of seeing Kevin Earley as Enjolras in Los Angeles 3 (4?) years ago, and I absolutely LOVED his Enjolras. Beautiful voice, and he was as I imagined the book character Enjolras to look like.

Kevin was and probably always will be my favorite Enjolras. I thought his voice was gorgeous; it soared through all of Enjolras' notes. Even better, his Enjolras was exactly as I'd imagined the book Enjolras to be, with that blonde hair, serious expression, and commanding presence. Not to mention, his acting was so good, I cried.

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