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Les Misérables
The National Tour
  Headshot & Bio...
  Kevin Earley (Enjolras) Kevin made his Broadway and New York Debut in Les Misérables. He is a native of Chicago, where his credits include Curly in Oklahoma!,Jean-Michel in La Cage aux Folles and Balladeer in Assassins (Jeff Award). All love to Julie.
 Production Photos...

Kevin with the rest of the students singing "Red & Black"


"The company has depth and range. Several of the singing actors gave distinguished performances, especially Sutton Foster as Eponine; Kevin Earley as a full-throated Enjolras, a leader of the student revolutionaries; and young Harley Adams as the urchin Gavroche."

......Excerpt of review by Paige Ross of the Corpus Christie Caller Times, March 31, 1999

Kevin and the cast (including: Sutton Foster as Eponine,
Tim Howar as Marius, Ivan Rutherford as Valjean, and Regan Theil as Cosette)
singing "One Day More!"
With Tim Howar (Marius) & Sutton Foster (Eponine) in "A Little Fall of Rain"

"Enjolras, named first - later we will see why - was an only son and was rich. He was a charming young man capable of being intimidating. He was angelically beautiful. He was Antinoüs, wild. You would have said, seeing the thoughful reflection of his eye, that he had already, in some preceding existence, been through the revoluntionary apocalypse."

.....Victor Hugo describing the character of Enjolras in his masterpiece, Les Misérables.

The Finale
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