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My Fair Lady
Here are some fan's comments about
Kevin's performance as
Freddy Eynsford-Hill in "My Fair Lady"

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Thanks, Marina!!


Kevin played the role with a cute little British accent and had the whole audience rolling with his "snigger" which was a combination of a snort and a giggle.

Admittedly "On the Street Where You Live" is one of my favorite Lerner & Lowe songs so I'm biased, but I loved hearing Kevin sing it. I think the mic might have cut out at the end of the song, but, nevertheless, you could still him all the way up the mountain.

Honestly, I've never been the hugest fan of the story of "My Fair Lady," because Henry Higgins is a pain in the butt, who I would have hit and never gone back to. But, that being said, it's also got some of the greatest music.

"On The Street Where You Live" is probably one of my all time favorite songs from a musical, so to get to hear Kevin sing it was so wonderful. I wish his mic hadn't a gone out, but we could still hear him. Plus, he comes back out and does a little of it before Eliza sings "Show Me," another one of my favorite songs

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Thanks Bobbie!!

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