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Spitfire Grill
Laguna Playhouse (November 2002)
Saturday November 23, 2002
Kevin with everyone, Maria (on the phone), Bobbie (redzem), Laura (MissTchr), Kevin, and Sumi (coolgiggles).
Kevin was very surprised to receive the scrapbook and took the time to read everyone's entries.
Kevin and co-star Kim Huber (Shelby) look through the scrapbook together.
Kevin stands with musical director Tom Griffin after the evening show.
There needed to be at least one photo of Kevin by himself without the book, luckily he was nice enough to oblige.
Notice his "Taken" shirt. :o)
Yes, that's my pink phone. :o) Maria (Kyrasmom) was on the other side wishing Kevin a very happy birthday.
Sunday, November 24, 2002 (Evening)
Kevin stands with Tina after the Sunday matinee.
I was lucky enough to get some last pictures of Kevin outside the theatre as he walked out of the building with
us telling us about getting that darn axe out of the stump in "Spitfire". :o)
He's always such a pleasure to talk with and always so sweet to spend so much time with us after his shows.

BTW, how perfect is that sign he's standing under? Could it be letting us know that's where he's headed? :o)
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