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  The Site...

This site was created on September 24, 2001 and gained its "official" status on October 13, 2002. This site is approved and fully endorsed by Kevin Earley. However, all content herein is the sole responsibility of the webmaster. Should you have any concerns regarding the content of the site, please contact her here. Please ask before taking any photos off this site - some photos were taken exclusively for this site, some of the photos have been obtained through special agreements with theatres, photographers, and Mr. Earley and their permission may also be required.

  Site credits and thanks...

No site is possible without the help of many generous people who give of their time and their resources to help make the site a reality. Special thank yous must go out to the following for all their help with their contributions:
  • Lindsey - for letting me use the scans of her photos (of "Carousel", "LM", and the Nov 2002 LA Stage article) for this site.

  • Heather (H1Joly@aol.com), Brad, Natalie, and Joy for letting me use their terrfic commentaries of Kevin's performance in "Les Mis" for this site.

  • Tracy - who provided me with vintage Kevin photos from his run on Broadway in LM, thank you!

  • Tina - who wrote the wonderful "Titanic" review and made me wish I seen the show even more. :o)

  • Lauren & Susan Cassidy - for the wonderful photo of Kevin in costume from "I Sent A Letter To My Love" and the great reviews

  • Linda, Bobbie, Marina, Shelley, Laura, and Joy - who contributed wonderful reviews of Kevin's performance in "Carousel" for the site.

  • Linda - for everything from informing me of Kevin's performances (when he fails to let me know) to writing fan reviews, to sending over newspaper articles and reviews - thanks so much for everything!

  • Maria, Pat, Bree, Sumi, lowly, Terry, and Bobbie - to my friends from the Official Chad Brannon Message Board who have put up with all of my Kevin talk and who have contributed reviews to this site of Kevin's wonderful performances ....thanks so much!

  • Tina, Sue, Linda, Andrew, and Liz for their wonderful fan reviews of "Assassins"

  • Ken, Gill, and Karen - for allowing me to use their photos with Kevin after "Millie" for this site!

  • Steven - who contributed the wonderful stage door photo with Kevin taken after "Sail Away" and "Applause" for this site!
Also HUGE thanks must go out to all of the people who have been associated with Kevin's productions who have been more than helpful in getting me information and just generally making my theatre viewing experience more memorable:
  • Justin "Squigs" Robertson - http://www.squigsink.com - for letting me use some his beautiful artwork on the site.

  • Ron Scarlata and Hector Salazar of the El Camino Center for the Arts - who went out of their way to obtain photos for me to use on this site and for sending me wonderful articles and reviews of "Guys & Dolls".

  • Barbara Beckley and Anjali Bal from the Colony Theatre - for granting permission to use some of the photos of Kevin from his performance in "Side Show".

  • Kelly Estrella from Reprise! - for granting permission for the use of various photos of Kevin in Reprise! productions for this site.

  • Cornell Christianson - for allowing the use of the production photos for It Came From Beyond to appear on this site.

  • Jessica Grové - jessicagrove.com - for allowing the use of the candid photo from Millie for the site.

  • La Mirada Theatre & Aldrich and Associates, Inc. - for allowing the production photos of "My Way" to appear on this site.

  • Lee Melville & LA Stage Magazine - for allowing the photo of Kevin, Julie, and Misty to be used on the site.

  • Robert Diamond (BroadwayWorld.Com) & Shira Greenberg - for allowing the usage of the S.T.A.G.E. LA Benefit photos on this site.

  • Deborah Purnell and the Laguna Playhouse - for granting the use of the production stills for "Spitfire Grill" on this site. 
Thanks must go out to Dave Earley who allowed me the opportunity to be "a side kick" to his site (www.kevinearley.com), for putting up with my many emails, and for basically allowing me the opportunity to support his brother in this way.
Special thanks must also go out to Julie Ann for always being so sweet and supportive of this site for Kevin and for being so warm and gracious all the time.
Lastly, a BIG thank you to Kevin, whose wonderful talent was the inspiration for this site in the first place! There are very few ways fans are allowed to thank actors for the countless hours they put in to perfecting their craft for our enjoyment, and the creation of this site is one way that I've found to do just that. :o) Thank you for your constant support of this site, for sharing your incredible talent with us, and for the gift of your friendship.

This site is approved and endorsed by Kevin Earley, however all content herein remains the sole responsibility of the webmistress. Please email her here with any problems regarding the content of the site.

This site is © 2001 - 2006 by Kevin Earley, Design by Sheri @ Actual Reality Designs