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Guys & Dolls
El Camino Center for the Arts (July 2002)
  Production Photos...
Photos used under special permission from ECC Center for the Arts.
Special thanks to Ron Scarlata and Hector Salazar
for granting me permission to use these photos on this site.
Note: All these photos are the copyright and property of
El Camino Center for the Arts,
please do not take them off this website without their permission. Thank you!
"I'll bet you the same thousand dollars that you can't tell me the color of the tie you're wearing."
Kevin (Sky Masterson) and Nathan Holland (Nathan Detroit).
"Her!" "Her?? CIDER!!"
Nathan Holland (Nathan Detroit), Kevin (Sky Masterson), and Nora Roque (Sarah Brown)
"If I was a bell, I'd be ringing..."
Nora Roque (Sarah Brown) and Kevin (Sky Masterson)

Sky Masterson (Kevin) and the Crapshooters

Nora Roque (Sarah Brown), Kevin (Sky Masterson),
Nathan Holland (Nathan Detroit), and Kayleen Leone (Miss Adelaide).
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All photos on this page appear courtesy of
El Camino College Center for the Arts and the 2002 production of "Guys & Dolls"
All photos on this page were taken by Dwight Ueda, © 2002 El Camino College

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