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Welcome to the Official home of Kevin Earley fans!
Kevin recently appeared as Prince Sirki / Death in "Death Takes a Holiday"

Then We Got Help!
(The Award Winning Web Series)

"Four struggling couples need therapy. They get each other instead. Group therapy without the Therapist. A relationship comedy in the style of Modern Family and The Office."

The Official Site
YouTube Channel / Facebook Page

  Kevin will be appearing in:

Secondhand Lions
5th Ave Theatre
Seattle, WA

Sept 7th - Oct 6th, 2013

For more information about this show, please go to:
5th Ave Theatre Website
Kevin recently appeared in:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
La Mirada Theatre
La Mirada, CA

April 12th - May 5th, 2013

For more information about this show, please go to:
La Mirada Website

Kevin recently appeared in the role of
Death / Prince Sirki in:

Death Takes A Holiday
Roundabout Theatre Company
Laura Pels Theatr
at the Harold & Miriam Steinberg Center for the Arts

Click here to see photos of Kevin & the cast singing at Bryant Park:

To see photos of opening night, please go to:
Broadway World.Com

For more information about this show, please go to:
The Roundabout Theatre Site


Latest Updates:

  • 07.20.13 - Still updating! Made some major updates to the Past Production page & added information to the News page.

  • 08.16.11 - Posted more reviews from Kevin's performance in Death Takes a Holiday. Please go to the Reviews page.

  • 8.03.11 - Kevin is now appearing as Death / Prince Sirki in the Roundabout Theatre Production of Death Takes A Holiday! Please see the News page for more details.

  • 9.24.07 - Great news! Kevin has been nominated for two Ovation Awards; one for Best Lead Actor in a Musical for Can-Can and one for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Sleeping Beauty Wakes. Please go to the News page for more details.

  • 7.08.07 - Added information about the one night only Chess concert that Kevin will be starring in at the Ford Amphitheatre as well as his upcoming appearance at 88's Cabaret on July 30th.

  • 12.04.06 - Warm birthday greetings to Kevin! If you'd like to wish him well, please stop by his message board. Added stage door photos of Anything Goes, the Calphil concert, My Way in Escondido, and the Ovations.

  • 9.25.06 - Congratulations to Kevin for being nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Harold / the Professor in "It Came From Beyond".

  • 2.21.06 - Added some stage door photos from the "Fractured Broadway" concert to the site as well as stage door photos for It Came From Beyond.

  • 2.05.06 - Added some production photos of It Came From Beyond to the Gallery. Special thanks to Cornell Christianson for allowing them to appear on the site. Also added stage door photos of City of Angels to the site.

  • 9.18.05 - Added some stage door photos of Kevin from the recent CalPhil concert & screencaps of his "Straight Talk" interview with Art Levine.

  • 7.20.05 - Added stage door photos of Kevin with his co-stars in "Guys & Dolls".

  • 6.04.05 - Added some production and Stage Door photos to the site of Kevin in "Applause."

  • 2.27.05 - Added production and Stage Door photos to the site of Kevin in "My Way."

  • 11.29.04 - Exclusive interviews added to the site from 2004, 2002, and 2001.

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"Earley Standards" - HERE

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"Earley Standards" is also available online via iTunes.


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