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Please click on the links below to listen to audio clips


Earley Standards

Featuring: Kevin Earley

Produced by Julie Ann Emery, Kevin Earley, and Mike Fratantuno
Copyright © 2005, Kevin Earley

"Fly Me To The Moon" (229KB)
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (117KB)
"Old Devil Moon" (222KB)

Rodgers and Hart - "Rarities"

Featuring: Kevin Earley, Anne Edler, Ben Johns, Lisa Rogers, and Danielle Vernengo

Produced by James Stiepan
Bygone Records © 2002, James Stiepan

"You Are So Lovely And I'm So Lonely" - (220 KB)
"Me For You" - (85 KB)
"I Love You More Than Yesterday" - (117 KB)
"I'd Rather Be Right" - (163 KB)
"Good Fellow Mine" - (126 KB)
"You're What I Need" - (306 KB)


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