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Side Show
Here are some fan's comments about
Kevin's performance as Terry Connor in "Side Show"






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Show Dates
Feb 23, 2002
March 7-10, 2002

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Kevin was just amazing...there really is no other way to say it...He never ceases to amaze me with his talent. I LOVED finally getting the opportunity to see him in a leading role. His Terry was just as I expected him to be - a sleek, shrewd business man, who was pretty stoic throughout most of the show...except during "Private Conversation" when he finally, for a moment, was able to let his guard down.

The introspective solo, that finally allowed us to see Terry's true feelings for Daisy, was a beautiful haunting look in to the tender side of Terry's heart. The look on Kevin's face as Julie's Daisy walked out to him, seducing him with her words was a beautiful and touching moment. He managed to look confused, scared, and vulnerable toward her advances all at the same time. It was wonderful...and on Friday evening, I even saw hints of tears in his eyes as he struggled within himself to fight off her advances. One of the most beautiful moments came when Daisy placed his hand on her left hip (the one that's usually connected to Violet) and he looked up at her. The look on his face was just remarkable....it was the perfect combination of vulnerability and longing...it was just incredible! Another beautiful moment came only once...on Sunday afternoon (or at least I only heard it once) when, between kisses and between lines in the song, Kevin heaved a huge, audible sigh...as if Daisy's advances were just too much for him....I only heard him do it once but I absolutely LOVED it!!

Some of my other favorite moments were moments others might find a little odd. They were tiny moments, but, to me, added so much to the role of Terry. A favorite moment of mine was during "Tunnel of Love". All 5 times I saw it, he delivered his "Oh what the hell, why fight?" line differently. While most actors would probably sing it rather callously (which, in my opinion, would only play up Terry's womanizing side) Kevin, instead, chose to play it more emotionally, as if Terry was finally giving in to his feelings for Daisy. The way he looked at her and eventually leaned over to kiss her made me feel that Terry was really in love with her and not just attracted to her. It was a small line and small actions, but changed the meaning of the scene so much from what I had originally thought just by listening to the cast recording.

And his voice....(Okay, you know his acting must've been superb if I'm all the way down here in the review and I haven't even mentioned his awesome voice yet...) His "Oh no,...I want you alooooooooone" was so powerful and gorgeous that when he finally ended the last note I heard a few sighs in the audience and my hands actually started to shake the way they had after hearing him sing in "1776". He was strong every night, but there was something almost magical in his voice on Friday night that made it sound fuller and stronger...it was definitely the best that I have ever heard. That moment alone was worth the trip to LA. He was also great in "Tunnel of Love" and various other songs but I waited for that "alooooone" every night, it was my favorite part.

Terry was just a wonderful role for Kevin. It was a great opportunity for him to showcase his wonderful acting talents AND his gorgeous voice. I LOVED the show and getting the opportunity to see Kevin as Terry was just beyond wonderful.

First things first, and most importantly, Kevin Earley looks great in a double-breasted suit. And I very much enjoyed watching him make-out on stage.

But seriously, that's not the most important thing, although it was serious. The most important thing is the performance, and Kevin's was absolutely beautiful. This was my third time seeing Kevin and I've come to believe that he will be incredible in everything simply because he can act and sing like you wouldn't believe. He made me all teary-eyed when he sang "Private Conversation." His performance of that song was that powerful.

I will go see anything Kevin is in. In fact I'm going to see him perform Andrew Lloyd Webber songs in July. I can't wait. As long as he's singing I'll be there.

Another great thing about Kevin is that he's also a really a nice person and great to his fans. He doesn't mind talking and spending time with us, even when we embarrass him.

I should also say that I was incredibly nervous to hear the women that were cast as Daisy and Violet. I didn't know if anyone could be as good as Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner who originated the roles. But, I can tell you that Misty Cotton and Julie Dixon Jackson were phenomenal. Their performance of "Who Will Love Me As I Am?" left me in tears. It was beautiful.

I truly did enjoy the entire cast and production.


Contributed By
Bobbie (redzem)

Review Date

Show Date
March 9, 2002

Thanks Bobbie!!

Contributed By Terry (Tracks74)

Review Date
March 19, 2002

Show Dates
March 9 & 10, 2002

Thanks Terry!!


I have to start with Kevin. I mean he was the reason we went to the show. Just to meet the elusive guy!! Now, I do have to say that I am convinced that he IS real. It took me awhile to believe but now I do. I have to add that I kept teasing Sheri that I didn't think he was real because I missed the chance to see him in 1776. So it's been a little joke with Sheri and me.

I thought Kevin was excellent both nights. We were in the third row for Saturdays' show so I got to watch from very close and got to see all of the emotions he put into the "Private Conversations" song. That song was certainly one of my favorites. It was the best time to really see what "Terry" was thinking. It is so sad to see how "Terry" really wants to be with "Daisy" but feel he can't. Oh and did I mention that I loved his character's name? LOL

I did tell Kevin that because I had never seen the play before, I didn't know what to expect and didn't know the story so I enjoyed the Sunday show even more because I could focus more on watching each actor and listening to the singing more instead of just following the story. Kevin is such a nice guy. I was so glad I got the chance to meet him.

When I first learned that Kevin was going to be in this production, I was not familiar with the story so I purchased the soundtrack. When I listened for the first time, I had no idea why in the world anyone would do this production. The music was pretty good, but the lyrics left me a little uncomfortable - how many songs do you go around humming that have lyrics of "Come look at the freaks"? I love Kevin though, so I figured there must be something more to it.

I was blown away by the production the first night I went to the Colony Theater. As I learned, you can't get the emotions that go along with the story from the liner notes to a cast recording. Julie Dixon Jackson and Misty Cotton were just incredible portraying the conjoined twins and as the show went on, I came to believe that they really were connected.

Kevin's portrayal of a businessman who refuses to believe he could fall for one of the twins was heart-rendering. As the show progressed, I was heartbroken by his anguish at the realization that he was falling for Daisy and as he struggled with his feelings while trying to help the twins on their road to success in vaudeville.

  Contributed By
Pat (snappypat)

Review Date
Sept 25, 2002

Show Dates
March 9 & 10, 2002

Thanks Pat!!

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